FAQ Series: No Such Thing as a Silly Question


A few weeks ago, we opened our virtual doors to all the questions that you might have wanted to ask, but were worried were… a bit weird. With zero judgement, we collected them and took them to our engineers, who definitely didn’t laugh. Here are the results:

Does my brain interfere with Bluetooth signal?

Actually, yes! Your head is essentially a big ball of water (no offence). Bluetooth signals can be blocked pretty easily by water; this is one of the reasons it is difficult to make headphones with a good Bluetooth connection for swimming. Thankfully your head successfully contains the water, which makes it a bit easier for everyone.
Most true wireless earbuds are designed to send the Bluetooth signal around your head – to the other earbud – rather than through it to avoid this mush of water. Other Bluetooth headphones use a very strong signal with a very short range to tunnel right through.
If this question actually meant ‘will I get worse interference if I am very clever/have a lot of thoughts?’ the answer is no; this phenomenon affects everyone roughly equally.

Does ‘heavy music’ like thrash metal deplete battery faster than, say, ambient music?

This is a good question. Technically, yes. If you think of your music as a file that needs to be encoded and transmitted and then decoded, it follows that the ‘work’ this takes is related to the file. ‘Lighter’ music will have less data – less dynamic range, less frequencies – and ‘heavy’ tracks will have more. If you remember your MP3 days, two 3-minute long songs might be different file sizes.
During testing, we use pink noise; which is a constant barrage of all audible frequencies, basically to stress-test the earbuds – every second of audio will be absolutely filled with information.
So does this make a difference on battery life? Yes. Is it very significant? No. You’ll be able to listen to Eno for roughly as long as Metallica.

What tracks should I listen to in order to ‘burn-in’ my earbuds?
Does ‘burn-in’ affect all music genres?

The concept of ‘burn-in’ says that the parts that produce the sound in your earbuds ‘bed in’ and perform optimally after a little while. Basically: straight out of the box the sound may be slightly different compared to after 24+ hours use.
If you’re being thorough, it’s best to use something like pink noise: large frequency range and lots of low-end content. But you won’t want to listen to that if you’re actually using them.
There are threads and threads on the internet recommending tracks for burn-in but, at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of actually using your earbuds for whatever you want. Put it this way: if you buy new shoes for the office, you don’t need to break them in by running up Ben Nevis.

The final question is more of a genre of questions:
"Is there a true wireless/wired/over-ear/on-ear headphone/earbuds with ANC/quantum technology coming in the future?"

Obviously we’re working on .. You can expect the . to come out in . with . features and a .. Our . – the . – will be available in . with . and ., swiftly followed by a . called the .. Past that we’re working on ., which is exciting. It’ll have a . and . and is expected in ..
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