Burns Night: A New Narrative


Join us in toasting the Ploughman Poet this Burns Night with a select gathering of podcasts, showcasing the best of modern storytelling.

Since 1802, the evening of the 25th of January has been celebrated in Scotland as Burns Night; commemorating the life and work of the nation’s beloved bard: Robert Burns. Participants in the festivities spend the evening reciting his work (usually accompanied by haggis and whisky aplenty). These gatherings don’t only take place in Scotland, in fact the poet’s work is celebrated the world over. After his death in 1796, his celebrity continued to grow; with appetite for his work enduring to present day. So, what is the key to creating works with Burns’ longevity?

Simply put: Robert “Rabbie” Burns was an extraordinary raconteur with a talent for romanticising everyday life. He employed humour and relatable language to spin incredibly entertaining yarns. Sadly, Burns is no longer with us - this week would have seen him turn 261. However, the rise of podcasts has seen the art of storytelling catapulted into the 21st century: rekindling our love affair with the spoken word.

In honour of Burns’ Night 2021 here are some of our favourite fabled podcasts which share the same fundamentals as the great bard.

Selected Shorts

Carefully selected and exquisitely executed. Selected Shorts is an award-winning blend of classic and contemporary fiction. Read by stars of stage and screen; from Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto to the “Queen of Sci-Fi” Sigourney Weaver. Each instalment explores a particular theme with drama, hilarity and, of course, well-executed storytelling.

The Moth

The Moth podcast and radio hour is unscripted, recorded live, and utterly captivating. In its smooth format, each episode provides people a platform to share true stories that made them who they are. Heartfelt and hilarious, The Moth speaks to people on a human level: satisfying the universal need to connect.

The Other Stories

Delve into the strange, scary, and supernatural with The Other Stories. Serving up a Lovecraftian medley of original sci-fi and horror in weekly episodes. Eerily gripping and exceptionally chilling: Robert Burn’s Tam o’ Shanter would fit perfectly in this series.

If Robert Burns was present today, we’d like to believe that we would be captively listening to his weekly podcast. So, get into the spirit of Burns Night this year by pressing play on our Inspired by Poetry playlist. Including tracks inspired by the work of Robert Burns and other legendary poets.

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