Project ANC: Part 3 - Just In Case


The TrueControl ANC was our most ambitious and advanced project; and we needed a case to match. 

Our true wireless cases have always been designed to function simply and consistently - but look great while doing so. Here's how we adapted this design to house the unique design of the TrueControl earbuds.

Part 3: Case Closed

Three stages of charging case development

The TrueControl case builds on the distinctive flip design established by the TrueConnect. The main challenges were to rework the shape to fit the new earbuds – and to add the tech that would let it charge on wireless charging pads.

1. Start Somewhere

Solid case draft in plastic

We 3D-printed computer models of the case to get an idea of the size and the feel in the hand.

.2 Adding the basics

Hollow case draft in plastic

Next, we thought about the placement of things like the USB-C port. Keen-eyed obsessives will notice that the orientation of the USB socket has changed from portrait to landscape: a thicker charging case made for a thicker flat surface in this orientation.

3. Housing the housings

Transparent case - housing seats in 3D printed plastic

This is the stage where we really start to work with the newly-designed earbuds: finding the best footprint that seats and charges the earbuds while keeping the case compact, and – most importantly – making the buds easy to access for you, the user.

4. The finer things

Lid in anodised aluminium

We went through dozens of material, colour and finishing samples of the anodised metal ‘lid’ before finding a colour and finish that we were happy with.

5. Making it work

Open prototype case with electronics showing

Arguably the most important part: finessing the electronics in the charging case. These detect the presence of the buds to allow them to pair and charge - and allow the wireless charging of the TrueControl.

6. Et voila

The finished article - TrueControl ANC in charging case

The finished article!

And that’s it! Have any questions? Read more below.

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