Project ANC: Part 1 - Designing the TrueControl ANC


The TrueControl ANC is our most ambitious and advanced product to date; the result of several years of research and development. We believe that it sets a new standard in design, ANC and sound quality for true wireless earbuds.

Part of RHA’s mission is create new technology that enhances life without taking it over. To that end, we worked to create a listening experience that is at once immersive and detailed; while retaining a connection to the world and people around you. 2020 was a challenging year; and overcoming these challenges to make the TrueControl is something we’re very proud of.

So, without further ado, let us tell you how we made them!

Part 1: Developing the Buds

TrueControl - charging pin configuration

The unique shape of the TrueControl buds is the result of a long research and testing process that made us rethink true wireless design. We scanned ears of all different shapes and sizes – when we overlaid all of these scans we found a shape that fit 99% of all scans. This is the shape of the TrueControl.

1. The Scan

TrueControl - first stage bud development

We used a scanner and putty reliefs to scan the shape of ears of all shapes and sizes. These ones belong to David from Product Design. Thanks David!

2. Streamline and Simplify

TrueControl - second stage bud development

We produced casts of these scans with clean lines and simplified curves to start understanding how a ‘universal’ shape could be found.

3. More Room for Activities

TrueControl - third stage bud development

To these natural ergonomic shapes, we add material and surfaces that could house the battery and components of the earbuds.

4. For Every Ear

TrueControl - fourth stage bud development

After compiling all the ‘inner surface geometry’ – ie the ear shapes – we started to produce an earbud design that combined all of the common shapes; built from pieces much more suited to contain components.

5. The Nozzle Debate

TrueControl - fifth stage bud development

These pieces are from an exhaustive study to find an exact angle of the sound pipe nozzle that would sit comfortable in the ear canal (every one is different). There’s really no way to make this bit sound interesting.

6. Fine Tuning

TrueControl - sixth stage bud development

Preparing the shape for the final build and mass production, we 3D-printed the shape and sprayed them black to find difficult surfaces.

7. The Finished Article

TrueControl - seventh stage bud development

A TrueControl! The final stages involve perfecting the design, the materials and the finish of the earbuds.

Next week's Part 2 examines how we developed the sound – and anti-sound – of the TrueControl.

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