Pick of the Month: October '20


It’s been A Month! At the end of October, we asked the Team to inflict on other people what music they’d recently been listening to. Here are the results.

SONG: Strangers – Mt. Joy

Abbey, Queen of Interweb

The wonderful Spotify daily mix forced me to listen to this. It's an upbeat bop, which feels very empowering. The repeated lyric of "I am over you" seems really fitting for 2020 as a whole. Recommended for anyone in need of a lunchtime dance break. Or who is over 2020.

ALBUM: Roisin Machine - Roisin Murphy

Professor Spheniscidae, Pingu's Agent

I listen to this because its Roisin Murphy, and she is cool as all hell. It’s NuDisco; super funky and a cracking wee dance album you can prance about your kitchen to like nobody’s watching. Try if: you like Dua Lipa, good quality dance music, or just need cheering up.


Chris, Post Human

Destiny brought me this album. Also Twitter. I like this a lot: it sounds like metal(core) but has a pop-like rhythm, which is strange. Plus, one track features Amy Lee (of Evanescence fame), from the 2000s. I'd recommend it to people like John.


John, Pre Human

Chris brought me this album. They’ve totally changed their sound and traded in their hardcore credentials. Diluted. It is not good.

SONG: No Song Without You – Honne

Chiao, Music Getaway Traveller

So calming. Nice to listen to it over a cup of warm coffee, especially when it's getting cold. I would recommend it to people who need a break. Good for slowing down your racing thoughts.

ALBUM: Scouting for Girls - Still Thinking About You

Lorna, Girl Scout

Every year - without fail - as the weather begins to change in October, this album calls my name. It came out in Oct 2015 and gave me lovely feelings, which I clearly try to recreate every year. It also has THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS SONG on it (fight me), which gets me geared up for central heating, frosty evenings, and cold, dark Christmas nights. I would recommend this to my sister, Louisa, the only other Scouting for Girls fan.

SONG: Hurt – Arlo Parks

Colum, Insight Haver

I heard this was on the Actual Radio! It's catchy and stripped-back and a bit sad. I love it. If there's one constructive thing I'll take out of 2020 (there will only be one), it's the ability to appreciate a Good Song in any genre instead of just the miserable indie I normally exclusively listen to.

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