Pick of the Month: September '20


September is almost over (insert Green Day joke). Like most of the UK, the staff of RHA are still scattered across Glasgow, making do with unlimited coffee, sunny gardens, and heating that actually works. As is traditional, we asked the Team what they had listened to during the month of September 2020, the Worst Year. This month we got pretty niche.

Song: Thinking of You - Joesef

Abbey, Good Name Thinker

The wonderful Spotify algorithm brought me to this. It's groovy, smooth(y) and just radiates summer evening vibes (Summer is still a thing, okay?). Also - bonus points because Joesef is from Glasgow too! Would recommend to fans of cold wine on warm summer evenings.

Album: Sign "O" The Times - Prince

Mr Puffin, Squirrelmaster

Prince’s best album is getting a multi-disc reissue, and it’s quite frankly a masterpiece. It is peak Prince; amazing music from a master of the art.

I like Prince.

Podcast: Presidential - The Washington Post

Colum, Podcast Listener

There's an election in the USA next month and I wanted to learn more about the other 44 presidents. This podcast gives them a single episode each and is informative without being a series of hagiographies. [THE REST OF THIS ENTRY IS REDACTED BECAUSE POLITICAL OPINION IS NOT FOR THE COMPANY BLOG, COLUM.]

Album: It’s Only Us - Monophonics

John, Graphics Sorcerer

Combining spacey build-ups with stuttering vocal effects is just part of the buttery slickness of this album. Reminiscent of early Impressions mixed with latter-day Curtis Mayfield too, and a touch of Isaac Hayes. After the acid, of course.

Song: Dynamite - BTS

Chiao, Foreign Song Hunter

This is energetic and catchy even though I don't understand Korean. Makes me want to dance along, which I do. Equally suited to anyone who needs a mood boost, or needs some motivation at the gym.

Album: Drowning in Blessings - Sinead O Brien

Jessica, Dynamic Chat Architect*

*These fake job titles have gotten out of hand. We're sorry but we don't know how to stop.

I saw online that she had supported John Cooper Clarke and I am a fan of his work, so gave this a listen. She sticks to spoken word throughout - and the added collaborative music is a bonus! Would recommend to new punk fans and anyone who appreciates spoken word.

Album: Badge Epoque Ensemble - Badge Epoque Ensemble

Rory, Mobile Home Designer

A popular music streaming provider's algorithm brought this to my attention. It mellows my mind as the world burns around me. A bit niche but definitely for Psych-Jazz fans - think Tortoise meets The Soft Machine.

We hope you found something new from our picks, if not then console yourself with our extended September playlist below:

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