The Alternative Resolution


By now, some of your original resolutions may have crashed and burned. Various events around the world may have conspired to make it not the ideal time to see more people, cut the booze, or eat out more. Here are a few achievable alternatives that we suggest:

🏠 Actually explore your neighbourhood

Many of us have lived in cities for years without actually getting to know our neighbourhoods. For a lot of people, that changed when we were suddenly restricted to limited travel and outside time. Find the silver lining and explore the areas around your home; find the café you never knew existed or discover a little park for a quiet moment on a bench.

🤓 Go back to uni (on the internet)

Plenty of outlets exist for you to skill up in exchange for little to no money. There are a hugely diverse range of subjects on offer – including fresh courses on productivity, working from home and remote management. FutureLearn collects courses from some of the most venerable learning institutions in the world.

🤙 Phone your mates

There was a flurry of social activity during last summer where people decided to stick it to the circumstances and re-establish social connections. For many, this has dropped off now. Stick a reminder in your calendar to call your friends/siblings/parents/partner and see what they’re up to. Who knows, it might keep going when you can actually see everyone again.

🧑‍🍳 Use the vegetables at the bottom of your fridge

A bit more realistic than ‘embark on the culinary career you always dreamed of’ but a good place to start. Learn a new soup, stir-fry or ragu - or learn how to hide things in a sauce or a cake. Your body will appreciate it as much as the, eh, culinary career. You can do that bit next year.

🌸 Achieve eternal enlightenment

Okay, maybe that’s a bit ambitious. But meditation is cool now, not just the reserve of monastery-dwelling monks and your uncle who didn’t leave the 60s. There’s a whole range of apps, YouTube videos and books directed towards helping you carve out 5 minutes each day where you can be alone with your thoughts. In a healthy way.

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