Walking: a step by step guide, in partnership with Paths for All


Do you know what can boost your creativity, mood, productivity, physical health and help you break the monotony of lockdown?
Yup, simply walking.

You’re not alone if you feel that every day seems the same right now – so we asked Paths for All, Scotland’s walking charity to give us a few ways that walking can help break the monotony.

Get a boost!

As lockdown drags on, don’t let it take your spirits with it. A daily walk is shown to boost mood and mental wellbeing. Additionally, time spent outside is also proven to be clearly beneficial. Try to get out - for even a short walk - each day, and look for ways to take in nature nearby; whether it’s city parks, village greens, woods or local beaches.

Start your day with some movement

Do you find yourself oddly missing the morning commute? Lots of us have lost the opportunity to walk - working from home transformed our commute to the 20 steps from the bedroom to the kitchen. A short walk (round the block will do) before you start work could make a real difference to your energy levels for the rest of the day.

Plan what you can

Acing lockdown life is often about celebrating the small wins and making daily plans that are achievable. You might be living alone, or have a house full of kids & in-laws, there are different pressures on all of us. Walking can help create some routine amongst this and give a daily ‘tick’ to your list which always feels good.

For a digital detox

Be it your laptop, TV, phone or tablet – screens are pervasive, and unplugging from the news feed is one of the best things we can all do for our minds right now. Getting outside for a walk can be the only time you are nowhere near a screen (or at least it’s cosy in your pocket).

Walk with a friend

With all the restrictions in place, it’s refreshing to know that a local outdoor walk outdoor with a friend is a safe (and permitted!) way to meet up. Inviting a friend, neighbour, or someone you know that lives alone out for a lunchtime walk could really make someone’s day (and your own!).

Break Zoom fatigue with a walking phonecall

If you’ve been working from home, you’ll know that Zoom fatigue is real (other video apps are available – for both use and fatigue). Focussing on a screen for long periods of time can get tedious. Ask yourself if your next meeting really needs to be a video call; or could you switch to an old-school voice call and walk while you talk? You’ll be amazed how far you can walk when you’re chatting as you go.

Walk Once A Day This Winter

Like these ideas? Paths for All are asking people to pledge to #WalkOnceADay this winter. So, if you’d like to take part and see more walking inspiration hop over to their website or follow on Twitter.

Ready to donder, saunter, stroll or bimble? We’ve selected some walking-pace, upbeat tunes.

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